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Agency workers: inexpensive and flexible

If you are looking for temporary personnel during peak-periods, holidays or sickness, agency workers are the solution. The candidate works for you based on either a temporary or indefinite agency-agreement. In the latter case, the agreement can be broken at any time. Only the actual hours worked are invoiced and there are no financial risks involved should the workers become ill themselves. During the agency period we keep in touch with you in order to solve any problems should they arise.

Secondment: flexibility and security

Secondment is a form of lending out workers offering security to both employer and employee. We do the recruitment and selection and take care of the necessary administrative work. When required we can also re-train a candidate. The hired personnel are employed by Switchjobs and work alongside you for a pre-determined period or for the duration of a project. The invoicing is based on a declaration of the hours actually worked. If a project is finished ahead of schedule we will take the employee back without this incurring any further financial consequences to yourselves. It is also negotiable to take the agency worker into your employment after the hiring period has ended at no extra cost.

Recruitment and selection: saving time and costs

We take this time consuming task off your hands. We offer an in-depth approach regarding the recruitment and selection of qualified personnel and do this on a no cure, no pay basis. Should there be no results despite our very best efforts, all costs incurred are at our expense. We charge a one-off payment for a successful match for services provided. In our search for the ideal candidate we make use of our extensive candidate data files or recruit exclusively for you.

Project basis: temporary expertise

For most organisations rolling out of new hardware, an operating system or the complete migration of a network means a huge challenge. We take care of the personnel solutions and if required, the necessary material needs (company car, mobile phone, laptop and utilities). You will therefore receive a fully equipped and ready- to- go project worker from us at a competitive rate without the fuss and bother of a fixed hire period. Additionally you can entrust the complete administrative side of the project into our hands.

Pay rolling: no risk flexibility at low costs

This is a form of flex working by which you as a company recruit the manpower yourselves, but we carry out the responsibility concerning all administration, contracting, payrolling and taking over the employers risks, giving you security and leaving you to concentrate on core business. Our payrolling services include all of this and much more, for example:

  • Complete remuneration administration including the withholding of taxes and premiums
  • Registering and un-registering for sickness benefit and industrial insurance
  • The payment of holiday dues
  • Provision of the annual tax statement
  • Made-to-measure outsourced special requirements
  • You only pay for the actual hours worked and let us take care of the legal side of things. Should you or your flex-workers have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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