Perfect match

From the beginning of our establishment, quality has always come before quantity. Our goal is to provide the perfect match to meet your needs and to be able to identify with you and your company. Switchjobs will not introduce any candidates that we don't personally know. Simply you get what you are looking for. This means that every candidate is thoroughly screened and interviewed by us. Should a suitable candidate come from outside the Netherlands, we will firstly do a webcam interview before going further.

All qualifications and certificates are checked for authenticity, and references obtained. We also make a profile of the employee and introduce candidates on the basis of our own intuition. It naturally goes without saying your wishes are our first starting point during our search.

Our aim is to provide the 1 perfect CV and not a pile of CV's whereby time and energy is wasted in having to make a selection before the next level.

Mediation at all levels

Switchjobs mediates in vacancies at all levels, from higher management to executive, from generalist to specialist within the markets of ICT, Financial, Commercial and Adminstration. This is for both Dutch and Multi-lingual employees. Switchjobs mediates in the whole of the Netherlands.

One tight knit team at one location

Our team are professionals with extensive experience in both the specific branch and in the flex branch. Together we can think from both sides of the coin, as employees and customer providing efficiency, speed and quality of which the name Switchjobs has become known.


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